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Because breakdowns and accidents with automated gates are very serious business, GSC has set up programs specifically designed to minimize
breakdowns and provide quick service when needed.

Service needed during normal business hours is simply a phone call to our Service Department. Tell us what's happening (or not happening) and
we will dispatch our Technicians to get you up and running.

24/7/365 Emergency Service Program - This GSC service is designed for those facilities that must be up and running 24/7.
When a breakdown occurs or a gate is hit and it must be up and running immediately, a call to the GSC Emergency Number will get this done.

Preventive Maintenance Program - Probably the most important of all our services! The reason is that Preventative Maintenance can "foresee"
equipment problems such as "wearing-and-tearing." This proactive service approach enables a fix to occur avoiding an untimely breakdown.

Parts & Accessories - When it comes to gates, gate operators, barrier arms, etc. GSC can supply you with the parts and accessories you need.

When you are not sure, just ask us. Once we understand the problem, we can provide the solution.

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